Monday, October 24, 2011

Flooded Canvas

I have finally completed my Flooded Canvas. To my knowledge Linda Baldock is the creator of this amazing piece of art work. You can see hers here and also Artist's Palette No 90. Which is where I followed her guidelines, to a point. I guess I was thinking about family ancestry, hence the cameo, which were very much in vogue when my Mum & Nanna were around, the gears & cogs from male ancestors, dress form, hearts, flowers. Anzac commemorative badges, keys etc. The colours range from deep purple to red, gold and mauve. I gessoed the base and frame and used a stencil to gain some texture. Many of the objects are found, it is a great feeling to be able to use a found item. After all the pieces were in place I poured resin in it. Once it had dried I made up some more resin, popped in a few more objects and did one more pour. I love the depth of the resin, giving it a greater 3D affect.
Thanks for your inspiration Linda.

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